Lowther Forestry Group – Flood Prevention Scheme

Lowther Forestry Group – Flood Prevention Scheme

In 2013, we were awarded a high profile job working on behalf of Lowther Forestry along the river Eden in Appleby with work beginning on a sunny spring day. We were instructed to undertake river bank reprofiling works where the existing bank vegetation is stripped back and a thin layer of topsoil is mixed with subsoil before reseeding.

The positive effect of Tyla’s work can be measured in various ways with improvements to the water’s edge and bank side habitats delivering a wide range of direct and indirect benefits, including:

  • Direct benefits to plants, invertebrates, birds and animals which live on the banks and riparian zone
  • Improvements to in-channel habitats for aquatic plants, fish and invertebrates
  • Improvements to the physical habitat conditions of the watercourse, including the creation of a more natural bank profile and the creation of more varied habitat niches
  • Restoration of natural processes, including erosion and deposition
  • Improvements to the aesthetic value of the watercourse and improvements to its recreational value
  • Reduction in maintenance costs of hard defences

Tyla strive to attract contracts that have a positive impact on the local environment are an environmentally aware company, setting the standard in environmental protection – unrivalled in the North West

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