Hedgerow Management

Here at Tyla we specialise is domestic hedge management and woodland/highway hedge maintenance.

Our domestic customers ask us to return year after year to help and advise on their boundary and ornamental hedging, this work is often completed by hand and from various work platforms.

Our commercial customers range from highway managers, local authorirties and farm land owners. Many hedgerows around the country are either over managed or neglected. Typically over-managed hedgerows have been cut at the same height for so long that gaps have appeared and the stems become gnarled and twisted. Neglected hedgerows on the other hand have become so tall they have lost their shrub layer and are in danger of collapse. A hedgerow that has reached either of these extremes will need rejuvenating and Tyla can give expert advice on what the best option for your hedge will be. Once rejuvenated we then have the opportunity to keep the hedgerow dense and healthy for many years before it is ready to be rejuvenated by laying or coppicing once more.

Incremental height increase is the key to the hedge management cycle, sympathetically allowing a hedgerow to progress slowly through its natural growth cycle without putting it under damaging stress. It also promotes a dense healthy hedgerow and extends the period between rejuvenation. Using this approach a hedgerow may take many tens of years to complete a full cycle of growth, and at all times during this remain dense, healthy and functional.

Trimming – Used sympathetically cutting with a flail can maintain a thick dense hedgerow for many years. Combined with incrementally raising the cutting height, such rotational cutting will avoid putting undue stress on the hedgerow and keep it healthy. Whatever trimming regime is followed at some point the hedgerow will need to be rejuvenated at the base and the cycle of healthy growth re-started.

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