Robo Cut – Steep Banking Works

Here at Tyla we listen to our customers and try to meet their needs at all times.

To help with tricky and dangerous banking we invested in McConnel’s all-terrain remote control work platform, this helped us to meet the customers needs whilst improving Tyla safety by removing operators from steep-sided, dangerous and restricted-access zones.

Capable of tackling slopes of 55 degrees, the mower has a working range of 150m and is up to 25 times more productive than manual cutting.

All-terrain performance – with a 40hp powerpack, a low centre of gravity and a choice of three different high-grip tracks, this awesome machine can tackle even the most challenging slopes.

Powered by a fuel-efficient 40hp Isuszu diesel engine, the machine can work for hours on a single tank of fuel and thrives in the toughest terrain.

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